The Spiritual Fitness

Figure out where your spiritual practice could use some help.

But I don’t have a spiritual practice…

I think you do. I just don’t think you know that you have one.

Let me explain…

We are told often about the importance of diet and exercise in our lives. I think the spiritual-religious in the same context.

With physical diet and exercise, we know that even if you aren’t on a specific diet, you still eat. We know that even if you don’t have a set (or even healthy) exercise routine, you still have an exercise practice.

Similarly, even if you don’t have a prescribed spiritual practice, you still have a spiritual practice.

For example, you have gratitude practice. Your gratitude practice is made up of the number of times a day you complain and the number of times a day you are thankful. It might not be a consciously chosen gratitude practice. It might not be a beneficial gratitude practice. But, it still is a gratitude practice.

Aren’t you curious about your spiritual fitness?

Seeking some spiritual nutrition?

Want greater Spirtual-Fitness?

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