Spiritual fitness.

Downloadable modules.

(Yeah, it’s kinda brilliant.)


  • Free yourself from your self so you can better be yourself.
  • 1 videos., 1 audio recording, 1 set of quotes.
  • Learn as you watch and listen to a discussion about FREEDOM – for about an hour
  • Liberate yourself with a four letter word that will help you feel unemcombured
  • Download link emailed directly to you so you can re-watch or re-listen or re-download the quotes as often as you like


  • Feel renewed peace
  • 3 videos + quotes. (Watch one, two, or all three videos)
  • Learn about PARADOXICALITY – a spiritual tool that can help you live with answers you have and discover answers you never considered
  • Get a message about your purpose from (the) God (of your understanding)
  • According to C.G.Jung, the paradox is the best tool we have for understanding religion

Fulfillment & Joy:
Spiritual Resistance in an age of Chaos

  • This module answers the question: What can I do that will help me feel fulfilled?
  • A great quote from C.S. Lewis involving the word “heralding” will give you a simple, yet profound key to having more joy in your life
  • A beautiful PDF download will help you again wisdom in another modality
  • An interactive exercise (on both the video and the PDF) will give you personalized answers to how you can feel fulfilled


Watch when you want. On any device. Three seperate videos. All easily accessed. Plus links to downloads.

Unlock ancient wisdom

Paradoxicality, fulfillment, and joy are ancient ideas that Rabbi Brian puts into modern context so that you can live a spiritually nourished life.

Get inspired

The point of this is to give you a sense of feeling inspired – a word which means “spirit within.” That’s the point, right?

Worth it. Guaranteed.

People really like these modules and value them at higher than $18. If you try it and dont’ think so, money back. Just ask. Seriously.

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Wonderful videos plus more.


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Spiritual fitness.

Downloadable modules.

(Yeah, it’s kinda brilliant.)

Tools to help you get through this thing called life.

Ancient wisdom. Modern technology. Wonderful teacher.

Few problems are solved by an email your in-box.

This is an exception.

40 curiosity-satisfying, soul-nuturing messages (with a little spunk) from Rabbi Brian. Raw, honest, vulnerable reflections on faith/religion/spirituality. Without being dogmatic, pompous, or woo-woo. Or overly Jewy-McJewish.

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