Some of what we know.
Much of what we believe.
About God, religion, and our selves.

Needs (re)examining.


Learn about the Bible – what it is, how it is misunderstood, how to deal with haters – in these delightful interview conversations between Rabbi Brian and friends.

“<3” Rabbi Brian’s Podcast

Rabbi Brian maintains a regular podcast with his musing on lots of <3 minute topics. Most episodes are only about <3 minutes. And because <3 makes a heart. 


Rabbi Brian’s videos are kinda like a Mister Rogers for the internet-age. Short videos. Insightful. Fun.

Spiritual Fitness Self Assessment


Less than five-minutes from down-load to results. Find out where your spiritual practice could use some help. Free.

77% Weekly Newsletter 

Something spiritual-noutricious in your in-box 40/52 weeks a year. Wisdom biscuits and practical spiritual help. 4K people can’t all be wrong. Well, they can be. But, this is good stuff anyhow.

rB’s thoughts on mourning

ROTB’s most downloaded and viewed wisdom. About dealing with mourning. Nothing woo-woo. Lots practical. Reminds me of this joke: What do grief and a man masturbating off the bow of a boat have in common? (They both come in waves.)