Rabbi Brian (rB)

• A modern-day rabbi with John Lennon’s inclusivity and a Blues Brothers mission

Religion Outside The Box (ROTB)

• empowering adults to nourish their spiritual hunger
• bringing ancient wisdom to modern lives

You are tense. I am sorry. But, that is not my problem.

The 77% Weekly Newsletter SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT DELIVERED FRESH TO YOUR INBOX 40/52 WEEKS A YEAR. FREE. You're tense. That's yours. I’m at Trader Joe’s checking out. This is not the first “a-ha” moments I’ve had checking out at Trader Joe’s. Luis, a jovial man I’ve...

Annoyance on my back

The 77% Weekly Newsletter SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT DELIVERED FRESH TO YOUR INBOX 40/52 WEEKS A YEAR. FREE. Often after school, Emmett comes downstairs to my home-office and sits on the back of my chair. He climbs up and wedges himself between my back and the back of the...

Imagination to the rescue

I was in the principal’s office. Another dressing down for not-following-paperwork-protocol. Spending my prep-period being made to feel inadequate. Having to suck it up until I later when I could get an infusion of love to regain my equanimity. At that moment of...

Out of heart

Why do people shout? It has to do with our hearts.  A story: A guru and some of her students pass within earshot of two people vehemently arguing in loud voices. She stops a little way past them and asks, “If those two are so physically close to each other, why are...

Outside Perspective

Outside perspective I’m in the kitchen. I feel like the mythological Sisyphus, but my daily task is emptying and reloading the dishwasher. Jane is away. Annie and a friend are within earshot, in the dining room; having settled on a card game, they are starting to...

Welcome to Religion-Outside-The-Box.

I’m Rabbi Brian. I’m here to help.

My target demographic includes the spiritual but not religious, religious progressives, and nones. (As such, many members have an aversion to the words/concepts religion and God – and that’s cool.)

I’m pushing we live our highest values of love and compassion. Without being pushy.
I am an ordained rabbi who later became board certified educator (served 7 years teaching high school math). I enjoy packaging ancient wisdom for modern folk. 
Take a self-guided tour, email me if you have questions.

empowering adults to feed their spiritual hunger –  empowering adults to feed their spiritual hunger

odern-day rabbi



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