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• bringing ancient wisdom to modern lives

Acceptance: better get used to it.

Michelle is driving me back to her house, where I left my car. We just had a lovely dinner. Conversation with her just flows; she is one of my no-filter-required friends. The 84-Freeway here in Portland is doing its impression of Los Angeles traffic. The right lane is...

Freedom from constraints. On an airplane. And in my soul.

My elbows in my blue sport coat touch my body just above my belt. My hands rest on my computer, on the tray table, above my jeans-wearing legs. My stomach feels awkwardly compressed. I feel physically constricted. Considering I am 35,000 feet in the air traveling at a...


I’m not a big theist. I don’t believe that there is a God controlling the weather.   This is not an article on theology. My book, podcasts, and more about God can be found here.   I don’t believe God controls the weather. But I do see the weather. I live in Portland,...


There is nothing that does not become lighter through habit and familiarity. – Shantideva   There is nothing that does not become easier through practice. Wonderful words from the great Shantideva. There is nothing that does not become easier through practice. If I...

Stats say you will like this

“Have To” Like This Story    Maggie and I were having coffee in the bakery that used to be the library of Northeast Portland – the neighborhood in which birthed Ramona and the pantheon of Beverly Cleary’s characters. Maybe pantheon is too strong of a word....

Welcome to Religion-Outside-The-Box.

I’m Rabbi Brian. I’m here to help.

My target demographic includes the spiritual but not religious, religious progressives, and nones. (As such, many members have an aversion to the words/concepts religion and God – and that’s cool.)

I’m pushing we live our highest values of love and compassion. Without being pushy.
I am an ordained rabbi who later became board certified educator (served 7 years teaching high school math). I enjoy packaging ancient wisdom for modern folk. 
Take a self-guided tour, email me if you have questions.

empowering adults to feed their spiritual hunger –  empowering adults to feed their spiritual hunger

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