How fast do you want Peace Calm Joy Love Help ?


I have given up teaching math, Hebrew, and Judaism to focus on helping adults be kinder. Because when I realized that I have a gift for teaching, I thought I ought use it to teach only the most important of things — wisdom to find peace.

I’m honored you are here.

WHY change?

Because you don't like the results you get the way you've been doing things.

What to change?

You want less anger, less assuming bad intent, and less feeling out of control.

What to Change to?

You want peace and—even if you don't want to admit it—love.


Work with rB.

People do
stress relieving,
calming down
work with rB.

Some of Rabbi Brian's Favorite tools.

Gottman’s 4:1. Neutral/Positives to Corrections

— The allegory of Plato’s caves

— Perhaps a dive into Jung’s Notion of a Shadow Self

Logan Fox’s working definition of love.

Minister Keene’s notes on how to deal with impossible people

— How to love people. Gary Chapman and the Five Love Languages

Lev Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development  and the five stages to learning

— The robber and mermaid of Eli Rottratt’s Change Theory with regard to anger

— Meditation, but I’m not a hard-ass about any of it.

— The best words to say to help someone solve a problem

— Mistake management and forgiveness 

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