Rabbi Brian

A modern-day rabbi with John Lennon’s inclusivity and a Blues Brothers mission.

We have free will. Right?

Freedom of Will I wrote my rabbinical school thesis on Freedom of Will. In particular, I wrote about the varied thinking of medieval Jewish philosophers on this topic. The core issue with which these religious thinkers had to contend was how God could  control...
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11 words for making peace.

Making peace Most of us are familiar with the notion of last rites – a dying person’s confessional and absolution to ensure their eternal peace. This rite, most commonly associated with Catholicism, is trans cultural and denominational. (In Judaism,...
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Heeding messages. Whose messages?

Heeding messages. Whose messages? This article about messaging is in three parts: Michaelangelo’s Biblical Errancy Meaning and Message are Intertwined Asking You to Choose to Believe in Awe Michelangelo’s Biblical Errancy Michelangelo was a great artist....
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Making mistakes Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with my boy. But maybe it’s just that he’s 10-years old. I sort of remember being told I was absentminded when I was in 4th grade. But I don’t remember it being as bad as he is. Of...
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What is empowering? What is the spiritual life? The definition of the word empower is to give someone the authority to do something and to make them stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. I am Rabbi Brian – an...
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