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Love is more than logic

You have a problem: you can't convince people that you are right. You've tried reason, arguing, logic, debating, and even pleading. And yet they don't go along with your thinking. Maybe you can get them to acquiesce while you hope for a later conversion, but that's...

Meeting hate with love

I went with my family to Salem for a women’s march a few weeks ago.   There we were, with thousands of people right in front of the state capital.   Across the street, on the left, immediately across from us was a man with a little p.a. system preaching that...

Loving even those we don’t like.

  Donald J. Love     A few points before the article:   •    If you think you are better off hating your enemies than loving them, this article is not for you. If that’s the case, here are other articles (1, 2, 3,) I have written about love that...

Spread the word

I'm a proud member of Religion Outside The Box – a Portland-nonprofit run by Rabbi Brian. I know the words "religion" and the title "rabbi" bring up some connotations, but I'm going to ask you not to back away. Rabbi Brian is very inclusive and far from dogmatic. He...

Social Construct. The importance

  Social constructs are real.  And, while they can't tell us what to think, they certainly can tell us what to think about – and, thereby, they start to influence our thinking. Religion – even with its etymological roots in the word "to bind" – is in the business of...

Welcome to Religion-Outside-The-Box.

I’m Rabbi Brian. I’m here to help.

My target demographic includes the spiritual but not religious, religious progressives, and nones. (As such, many members have an aversion to the words/concepts religion and God – and that’s cool.)

I’m pushing we live our highest values of love and compassion. Without being pushy.
I am an ordained rabbi who later became board certified educator (served 7 years teaching high school math). I enjoy packaging ancient wisdom for modern folk. 
Take a self-guided tour, email me if you have questions.

empowering adults to feed their spiritual hunger –  empowering adults to feed their spiritual hunger

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