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Free Gift (for tech addicts)!

Last Monday, you received issue 38/40 of this newsletter, which suggested that thoughtful gift-giving can curb this season from becoming the holidazes. A web-version of the article can be found here. What follows is an example of a symbolic gift you can print and...

Holy days. Not holi-daze.

    If your holiday season feels to you to be more holidaze than holy days, ‘tis on you, my friend. I’m sorry. Well, kinda. It is. Right? The thing that is keeping you from having “the most wonderful time of the year” is part brain chemistry and part you....

Nevertheless, love

Love, nevertheless |  Rabbi Brian | 2017 | issue 36 of 40   The 77% Weekly Nourishing Spiritual-Religious Hunger 40/52 weeks a year I thank you for reading. If you know of someone who might like this, please share. Not a subscriber yet? Sign up for...


How long will this article take you to read? It’s a straightforward question. Nothing odd about asking. How long do you think it will take you to read this article? (A) more than 3 minutes (B) less than 3 minutes (C) I would rather not commit to an answer We like to...

Render unto The Donald

Last night, I dreamt that I had a private meeting with Donald Trump. (I also dreamt that I was in a cafe trying to tell liberals about the meeting but was interrupted and mocked every sentence of my telling – until I shamed them by angrily shouting, “How can you claim...

Welcome to Religion-Outside-The-Box.

I’m Rabbi Brian. I’m here to help.

My target demographic includes the spiritual but not religious, religious progressives, and nones. (As such, many members have an aversion to the words/concepts religion and God – and that’s cool.)


I’m pushing we live our highest values of love and compassion. Without being pushy.
I am an ordained rabbi who later became board certified educator (served 7 years teaching high school math). I enjoy packaging ancient wisdom for modern folk. 
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empowering adults to feed their spiritual hunger –  empowering adults to feed their spiritual hunger

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