You don’t have time for a 14-chapter book about patience.

I wrote a 14-chapter book about patience and then a wise friend said,  “No one who needs a 14-chapter book on patience is going to read a 14-chapter book on patience.”

So, I started from scratch. 

The finished product will take you less than 20 minutes total over 5 days. 

  • how to best learn patience
  • how to best practice patience
  • three exercises that will lead you to master patience

The three exercises on patience alone are worth $100. But, the whole thing is $18.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Patience is like money.

You want to have it. Not lose it.


Cultivate patience with Rabbi Brian’s informative, clear, honest approach.

Jedi-like skills in not losing your crap in less than 20-minutes total.

This is not a Jewish approach to patience. It is a well-reasoned, human approach that works. 100% guaranteed.