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The Resistance Bible Study Podcast 

* Most folk just don’t know how to speak up effectively when the Bible is blatantly misquoted and misused
* The Bible is an anti-government, pro-liberal manifesto of redemption from oppressors
* The Bible belongs to the oppressed, the downtrodden, those who have been freed from bondage free yet still seek liberation
The Resistance Bible Study Podcasts will inform you.
12 episodes.
Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer

The truth needs to be shared about Phoebe (Romans 16:1), commended by Paul, as a servant of the church in Cenchreae. Because the word translated to mean “servant” in every other part of the Bible is translated as “minister” or “deacon.”  


Rabbi Brian


I’m Rabbi Brian. I am the founder of Religion-Outside-The-Box, a post-denominational (Jews, Protestants, Lapsed Catholics, Lawyers, Canadians, Buddhist, Atheists) community that promotes spiritual fitness. I left organized religion to teach high school mathematics for seven years and have come back to religion from teaching with a mission of promoting spiritual fitness.

I have asked clergy friends to help me in this online education of the biblical love and justice.

The Resistant Bible Study Podcast Testimonials
I listen to podcasts on the subway all the time.  The Resistance Bible Study is beautiful. Weirdly profound. Rabbi Brian teaches by example how to have a conversation with people we sometimes disagree with and find where we share common ideas. I love podcasts. Don’t miss this.
Rabbi Brian helps. He is witty, fun, poignant, thoughtful and clear. These conversations are a combination of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood… The last thing I want is to be told what to believe or how to live my life… and these discussions don’t preach; they reach and teach. Fantastic stuff for adding more peace, love and joy in life. Engaging. Refreshing and fun. Informative and helpful.
The Resistance Bible Studies series is a fascinating listen that armed me as a social justice activist. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn the truths found by others, and to help disarm and dismantle the forces of oppression that have co-opted the Bible for their own purposes.

Your words are encouraging and make me think. I’ve been enjoying the Bible podcasts. I’m in no sense a Biblical scholar, but these give me insights to voices I don’t always hear. Refreshing and illuminating.

Resistance Bible Study Podcast Episodes


Rev. Jim Burklo


Resistance against oppressors. A biblical explanation.

Jim Burklo was Rabbi Brian’s first interview because this USC Dean of Religious Life is the father of many congregations running their own “resistance bible studies.”
I want to grow up to be like Jim Burklo. He is smart, funny, serious when he needs to be. And, he has a great big heart. The kind that just makes you think, “I want to love people like he does it.”

Pastor John Pavlovitz


Donuts and the terrible problem of unlearning what you knew.

John and Brian exchange ideas of not obeying all the laws in the Bible as written. Cause, modernity.
John is “the pastor of the resistance.” He became a “name” after getting fired from the church at which he worked after publishing an open letter to his children that he would love them even if they are gay. He is amazing.


Rev. Peter Boulatta


Multiple authors of the Bible and horrible translations.

A roller coaster ride of learning about the Bible from two guys who seem to know a lot about it.
My friend Lori told me that I had to interview Peter. It was one of those recommendations that felt like being invited to hear a friend’s friend who has a band. I wasn’t totally sold. OMG, I am now. Peter is brilliant.

Rev. Lee Ann Bryce


Abortion legitimatized in scripture!

How to interpret what you know. How to love the Bible even when people are hating on you for it – take the high road.
I don’t think I would have the stomach to be a gay, female liberal preacher in Fort Worth Texas. But, Lee Ann Bryce has extraordinary courage and strength. And, she adds sparkles to her ashes on Ash Wednesday to remind people that they might be dying, but they are fabulous.


Toni Anne Reynolds


Books that aren’t in the Bible but are Biblical books.

The story of the good Samaritan is probably one you know, and you know it wrong. And, others. Misinformation gets schooled.
I met Toni at the Embrace festival in Portland, Oregon and just loved her presentation on the Nag Hamadi texts. And, then I got to know her and fell in love with her as well.

Pastor David Hayward


From evangelist to revolutionary.

How to best engage with people who tell you that they have the truth about the Bible.
David is known as “the Naked Pastor.” He sends out a religious cartoon of his own making EVERY day. In 2010, he quit the ministry, “Reason: the church and I were no longer compatible.” In 2016 launched, he launched The Lasting Supper. He is amazing.


Rev. Dr. Tracy Hartman


I like Baptists.

This episode focuses on righteous women of the Bible. (And, you’ll find out that King David was much worse than you thought – well, assuming you didn’t know anything shady about him.)
Tracy Hartman is the acting dean of Baptist Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia. I was fortunate enough to meet her in 2017, when I discovered her open spirit and loving heart. She uses the word “God” more than anyone else I interviewed. I love that. She is beloved by and loves God. Amen.

Sister Mary Jo Chaves


Connecting with the stories and God.

Predicate theology, A joke about Murray’s ineffective prayers. Popeourii of goodness.
Sister Mary Jo is a spiritual direction legend around Portland, Oregon. She loves God and feels loved by God very much. I am so glad to have a Catholic on this program who can help people to hear that the call of God is not to be confused with organized religion.


Rev. Alexandra Sangster


Literalism is so limited.

Reading the stories (like that of Noah) as though we too are experiencing them. Job and the origins of the devil. (And, more King David bashing.)

Alex is radical. Both uses of the word. She loves God and humanity as much if not more than just about anyone that I know.

Also, she has a flair for the dramatic.

Rev. Irene Monroe


The Bible and power.

They might use the Bible to convince you of your “otherness” but the Bible is about how loved you are.
She is a modern day prophet. Don’t take that to mean she can tell the future. Nope. She is the type of prophet who speaks truth. Truth, truth, truth. She is a truth teller.


Dr. Larry Keene


Not resuscitation, resurrection.

Connecting with people even when we disagree. It’s possible. And, here’s how to do that.
Larry is my B.F.F. He grew up as a fund-damn-mentalist. He never thought that he’d be best friends with a rabbi. When I pointed out that I am glad to be his 2nd favorite rabbi, because of Jesus, he laughed a lot.

Rabbi Michael Lezak


A little more Jewish perspective.

Originally Rabbi Brian thought this podcast has enough Jewish in it with just his own voice. He was wrong. Listen for the call to redemption. Rabbi Michael Lezak is on the streets, literally, doing God’s work.
Of note: my wife has a rabbi. It’s not me. It’s Michael Lezak. And, he is my rabbi too. I turn towards Michael to find my moral center. He is a righteous man, unafraid to do seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with (his) God.

My 13 year old really wanted to do the graphics for me. So, I let him. Please forgive him as he learns the graphics program.

Reverend John Tucker


A Discussion with Reverend John Tucker

Rabbi Brian’s conversation with Reverend John Tucker. 

Alesia Martin Roccia


A Discussion with Alesia Martin Rocca

Listen to the conversation between Rabbi Brian and Alesia Martin Rocca. 


Wish list of possible future guests.


Sr. Pastor Apostle E.D. Mondain


Sister Joan Chittister


Sr. Carol Dempsey, Ph.D..


Father Bill Zuelke


Nadia Bolz-Weber


Tony Campolo


Rev. William J. Barber II


Rev. Dr. Amy Butler, “Pastor Amy”


Stephen Colbert


Jim Wallis


Mike Kinman


Rev. Delman Coates


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