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Rabbi Brian makes it comfortable, even nourishing to talk about a subject that most don’t dare to breach. People with ambiguous notions of – or even adverse associations with – God leave the room feeling inspired to reopen the possibility to bring the divine into their lives. Rabbi Brian uses scholarly research to put our own inchoate conceptions of God into a theological framework, then implements his enchanting presence, heartfelt stories, and engaging activities to push us to investigate our beliefs further. I would recommend his God talk for atheists and veteran believers alike.Rabbi Jonathan Bubis

Rabbi Brian’s presentations are a blend of:

  • Wisdom 20% 20%
  • Science 33% 33%
  • Interaction 30% 30%
  • Fun 17% 17%

Recently, I invited Rabbi Brian on a Catholic High School retreat with 75 sixteen-year-olds who were encountering God through small groups, testimony, scripture, and community. I was in need of an adult to share a personal experience of salvation to these young people form various backgrounds. Because of Rabbi’s inclusivity, kindness, devotion, faith, and wisdom, I did not even hesitate asking him to talk to these juniors at a pivotal point of their weekend retreat. Rabbi’s talk was pure, humble, and elegant; he spoke to the students about his faith in God, connecting their backgrounds, personal experiences, and this shared experience together giving them insight into their personal faith in their God. Because of Rabbi’s willingness and love, boundaries were shared and God was felt. I was (and am) so grateful for being in the presence of that community at that moment.

Sarah Maher De La Salle North Catholic High School Minister Portland, OR


Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer had them from the minute he began. Informal, thoughtful, and sincere, R. Mayer brought a new level of comfort and a spirit of experimentation and hope to what can too often become a fraught topic: God. I will neither eat an apple nor think about God the same. If you have God-wrestlers, people who are afraid to broach the subject, and / or people who are brand new to the idea of a serious relationship with anything divine, R. Mayer is the Rabbi / “Doctor” you need.

Rabbi Noa Kushner The Kitchen. San Francisco, CA

Revolutionary! Think a Jewish Ray Romano channeled through Ram Dass. He weaves a bewitching combination of Borscht Belt-style humor and Philosophy.

The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

Rabbi Brian brings magic, humor, great lessons, and sweet tidings for the heart and soul. I learned so much from his work. He is such a huge treat, truly admirable and inspiring. I am changed. He has done something to me that will remain deeply lodged in my heart. And, the congregation loved him. Loved him! Amazing.

Rabbi Scott Hausman-Weiss. Congregation Shma Kolenu. Houston, TX

Rabbi Brian was just the guest speaker my congregation needed to hear! He has an engaging style that made complex ideas, like stages of faith, fun to explore. He really embodies the best of ‘rabbi as teacher.’ Most of all, he was able to help people mess around with notions of God, from the ridiculous to the transcendent. Now that he has broken open the GOD-BOX, my job of helping people explore what God can mean to them is so much easier.

Rev. Sarah Schurr. West Hills Unitarian Universalist. Portland, OR

His background as a performer, as a magician, is a part of his rabbinate that makes him a beloved teacher. One with great skill and tremendous humor.

Rabbi Donald Goor. Temple Judea. Tarzana, CA

Enthralling. My congregants were engaged in learning from the moment he started until the end. We learned about love, God, and were challenged to leap into more ‘faith.’ Rabbi Brian is professional, understated, and delivers. Excellence that everyone enjoyed.

Rabbi Alison Kobey Kol Hadash Damascus, MD

Talking to our group about spirituality is not an easy process. Rabbi Brian engaged and entertained us, challenging us. He gave us words to describe difficult concepts and cemented in our brains techniques to live a spiritual life. We loved having him.

I received dozens of personal thank-you’s. (Including comments from the four youth and my husband who didn’t come willingly.) The top comments were: “great speaker,” “funny” and “thought provoking.” It was an evening of outreach, fellowship, fun and learning. Our fellowship even had 3 newcomers to our regular service the next day!

Lori Turner-Otte Director of Religious Exploration Windsor, Ontario

Rabbi Brian


I’m Rabbi Brian. I am the founder of Religion-Outside-The-Box, a post-denominational (Jews, Protestants, Lapsed Catholics, Lawyers, Canadians, Buddhist, Atheists) community that promotes spiritual fitness. I left organized religion to teach high school mathematics for seven years and have come back to religion from teaching with a mission of promoting spiritual fitness.

I love my family and enjoy talking to adults about their religious lives.