Weddings with Rabbi Brian

You are engaged!

(Or you are looking at this site to help people who are recently engaged!)

Congratulations! Woot! Holla! Yippee! This is great!

I would love to be able to help craft a ceremony that is reflective of your love – unique, wonderful, beautiful.

It’s fine with me if any, none, both of you are Jewish.

I have done 100’s of weddings and incorporated every imaginable possibility. Before sunset, after midnight, on a boat, in a ski-lodge.

I do not do cookie cutter.
I do personalized with gravitas.

With Viking swords, on the Sunset Strip Vegas, in Hawaii, 7th day Adventist groom, pregnant Mormon bride, parts in Russian, in Japanese, with a priest, as a surprise, KawaCura Lolita bridesmaids, R2D2 ring bearer, septuagenarian couple… Let me help you to figure out what it is that will be perfect for you.

Please send me an email so we can talk. Or have your coordinator connect with me.

Modesty aside, I do a fantastic wedding. Really. I’m a rock-star of weddings. I can send you to coordinators to vouch that what I do is a “magic.”

I’m glad to talk to you to see if we might be a good fit.


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