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Larry Keene is an ROTB board member, a retired minister, a retired sociology professor, and Rabbi Brian’s best-buddy.

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From the desk of Minister Laurence C. Keene 


Whose Face In The Mirror?

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She was 40 years old and she still didn’t have the answer to her quest.

She didn’t know who she was last year either. Or, the year before that.

She had been looking for that answer for a long time. I couldn’t help but think to myself that maybe that was exactly who she really was: a person perpetually trying to find herself. A person profoundly focused on herself. A self seeking the self. A person in a house of mirrors seeing only herself no matter where she looked.

Is it possible, dear Lord, that our problem is not that our self is alluding us at all but rather that we are far too intoxicated and preoccupied with ourselves to find it? That in perpetually seeking who we are, we are indulging ourselves? We are pampering ourselves? We are worshiping ourselves?

Dear God, I am struck by the thought that the great religious leaders in history never made statements like that. They were never trying to find out who they were at all. They were trying to find out who you were, O God, and how they could find you. Help me, O Lord, in my search for greater understanding. Help me to understand that there is only one important face in my house of mirrors. Keep me from thinking it is mine.



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