Rabbi Brian

Rabbi Brian On Cowboys Not Eggheads

LINK HERE: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1538482/10588810 Sam has a conversation with Rabbi Brian Mayer from Portland, Oregon.  Rabbi Brian is the Founder of Religion Outside the Box.  (www.rotb.org)    Rabbi Brian reframes religion to be approachable. And, fun. In this episode Sam and Rabbi Brian discuss fear, anxiety, truth, the afterlife, and Rabbi’s view of Kosher and the …

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An Apology

02 — An apology An overdue apology from organized religion. We lied. Those of us who work in organized religion lied to you. We also might have shamed you. Some members of the clergy might have even physically abused you. That these things happened is unconscionable. Unconscionable. We lied. We shamed. We abused. We hurt …

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A few shorts

  —   It opens up a bit of compassion to think of the people who are the hardest to like as needing the most love.   —   Love is unconditional positive regard. Its attributes are recognition, acceptance, understanding, and response.   —   Certainty means you are certain. Not that you are right. …

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Hello, Beloved.

Hello, beloved. Perhaps “Hello, beloved” is a lot to begin with. I considered, “Hello, friend” instead.  But, “Hello, friend” falls short of “hello, beloved” in a crucial way: the love part.   And, why bury the lead?  I want to make certain you get the message of this book. You are beloved.   —   …

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I am biking towards Annie’s school. She forgot her ring binder at home.  I remember being in middle school, frustrating my parents with my not-yet-adult frontal cortex and executive function. I forgot things all the time. As I bike past the construction site where the school ball-field is getting a redone, I realize, “I forgot a mask!”I can’t …

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