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From the desk of Dr. Laurence C. Keene

Seeing Stars
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I have noticed from a lifetime of observing people, that there are
two distinctly different kinds of individuals I seem to encounter on a
daily basis: those who look upon their circumstances in life and see
nothing but mud, and others who look up and around themselves and only
see stars. Mud and stars. They are both there, to be sure, but most of
us tend to only see one or the other. I saw a woman the other day
standing knee-deep in mud but all she could see were stars. I have seen
others standing on the crest of a high mountain on a crystal clear
night and all they could see was mud. What people see in life,O Lord,
doesn’t seem to have much to do with where they are in life at all. It
seems to have so much more to do with who and what kind of people they

Help me, dear God, to see stars even in muddy situations.
Give me hope, dear Lord, when I am up to my knees in discouragement. I
am not asking you to change my circumstances, I am just asking you to
help me to change the way I look at them. Keep me from seeing less when
I could be so much more wonderfully blessed by seeing more. Don’t let
the mud in my life keep the stars from shining for me.




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