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From the desk of Rabbi Brian

Get out.


I know of many, many
people whose greatest spiritual-religious experiences have been when they were
out in nature.

(Have you had a sense of spiritual-religious
connection in nature? If so, then you might be one of those people.)

Oddly enough, many of
those same people haven’t been out in nature in a long time nor have plans to
be out in nature in the near future.

Isn’t that bizarre?

If you like a certain readily
available food that is good for you, but you do not eat that food, what does
that say about you?

Please, please, if you
are one of those people whose greatest spiritual-religious experiences have
been when you were out in nature, get out to nature.

Spiritual-religious exercise for the week: If you know of a spiritual-religious activity that fulfils you,
schedule it.


With love,


Rabbi Brian


The 77% Weekly

The 77% Weekly: The Religion-Outside-The-Box Newsletter
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Why 77%?
Two reasons:
1) 40/52 = 0.76923. The newsletter is sent every Monday except the last of each month.
2) In school 77% was a passing grade and ROTB wants to remind you that life isn’t graded, it’s pass/fail.

Religion-Outside-The-Box is a donation-supported,
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