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# 17 / 40 – June 2007

This one is really
worth reading! -Rabbi Brian

Upstream and Downstream

Upstream and Downstream

A religious parable.

There once was a town called Downstream. It was, as its name implies, downstream from another town. It was downstream from a town called Upstream.

A mighty river connected Upstream and Downstream.

One sunny day, a resident of Downstream saw a person in the river, drowning.

The Downstreamer called to a neighbor to come quick and together they fished a very wet Upstreamer out of the river.

About a month later, a few Downstreamers happened to be on the bridge when they saw another erstwhile Upstreamer in the river, drowning. They jumped in and managed to save that soul.

And so it continued.

About once a month a person from Upstream would be found in and saved from the river by the residents of Downstream.

For years, this happened with some regularity.

Then, the frequency increased. Twice a month there were Upstreamers in the river needing help.

The people of Downstream organized. They systematized and patrolled the river with a special boat. They saved more and more people.

Soon, it began occur every week.

Once a week there was a drowning Upstreamer in the river who needed rescuing.

A medical facility on the edge of the riverbank was built to accommodate the recovering Upstreamers.

Before long, there was someone drowning in the river every day.

The good people of Downstream added a second rescue boat so they could save more and more of the downing Upstreamers.

The people of Downstream never wondered, “What was happening in the town of Upstream?”

An interpretation.

We often apply band-aids to our wounds instead of learning about and addressing the cause of our maladies.

With love,

Rabbi Brian

And, if you care to, click here to see comments on the streetprophets site where this article went up last week.

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