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Like and Dislike


Here is one of my favorite quotes: 


If I dislike someone, 

the way they hold their spoon  

will offend me.  

If I like someone,  

they could drop a plate of food  

in my lap and I wouldn’t care. 


Our preconceived notions of who we think people are keep us seeing them as we envision them – and, perhaps, from seeing them for who they really are. 


Perhaps people in our lives don’t change because we insist that they are a certain way?


Spiritual-religious advice: Be aware when you are creating stereotypes – even little ones.  

Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer is the founder of Religion-Outside-The-Box.

After being ordained as a rabbi, he left mainstream congregational life to encourage people to find and be with (the) God (of their understanding) through podcasts, books, tweets, and internet-based seminars.  

His day job is teaching mathematics to Los Angeleno High School students. The rest of the time is with his family.
With love,

  Rabbi Brian

 Rabbi Brian  

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