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From the desk of Rabbi Brian

Do the Right Thing

Today I’m going to tell you a story that will get us to the twin lessons of “do the right thing” and “now is the time.”
First, the story:
My buddy Larry (yes, it’s another article that mentions Larry), told me a story about his late
mother-in-law’s mobile home, which was being sold. The organist at the
church Larry attended was interested in purchasing it.
The organist had pretty good credit, but apparently his credit was not good
enough to immediately qualify him for a loan on the mobile home. The
bank struggled to figure out if lending him money was too big a risk
for them.
In any event, they got all the paperwork ready, but the bank called and said, “Sorry, we just can’t do it.”
real estate agent decided to take a chance and call the bank directly.
“Listen,” he told the guy on the other end, “We’ve all been praying
that this will work out. This man really wants to buy this home, and these people really want to sell it to him. I don’t know what I can do except to pray about this, and hope that maybe-”
The guy representing the bank cut him off, asking, “Are you a Christian?”
“Yes, indeed I am,” the real estate agent said.
“Hold on a moment.”
put the real estate agent on hold, came back a few minutes later and
said, “I’ve figured out how we can do it. The loan’s approved. All
done. All good.”
Amazing how being part of the right ‘club’ made a difference.
Larry paused in telling his story and then quipped, “If this man had really been a Christian, he would have done the right thing in the first place.”
The moral is that we all know, for the most part, what the right thing to do is. We just don’t always do it. Often we cut corners and do what’s easy.
For example, I know I should be flossing my teeth every day, but I sometimes (all right, often), I don’t do it. (Sorry, Dr. Mark.)
Similarly, there’s probably at least one thing you know you should be doing that you aren’t. Whatever that thing is, I want you to do it.
This week’s spiritual-religious advice: you know what is right to do; do it.

With love,

Rabbi Brian

Rabbi Brian

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