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Thank you so much to all of you who contributed to the survey. I am truly delighted by the response and eager to dig into the data the survey collected for ROTB. For those of you who offered to take part in the interview portion, I will be drawing random names and contacting folks in the next couple weeks to arrange the interviews. Thank you again, all of you.smiles,



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From the desk of Rabbi Brian

Mind at Ease

A profound quote from Tao Te Ching has been stuck in my head for awhile. I’d like to share it with you here:

Unawareness of one’s feet is the mark of shoes that fit.

Unawareness of one’s waist is the mark of a belt that fits.

Unawareness of right and wrong is the mark of a mind at ease.

Is that not a great quote?

first time I heard it, I reacted by thinking, “I don’t like that. That
can’t be true.” Of course, we have to remember that just because we
don’t like something doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Unawareness of right and wrong is the mark of a mind at ease.

son was a perfect example of this the other day. The label on the back
of his shirt was irritating his neck. He’s only three, so he couldn’t
have owned that shirt for very long – maybe a year – but in that year,
the label has not once ever irritated his neck. As far as I know, he’s
never even noticed that the label existed prior to that day. But the
minute Emmett began noticing it, his mind was no longer at ease.

Once you notice something is wrong, your mind is uncomfortable.

If something doesn’t bother you, hasn’t even entered your consciousness at all, then your mind is fine. How could it not be?

all those things on our mind – “This is right! This is wrong!” – that
cause us to be agitated. That’s where our problems start, when we think
we know something, or we believe something ought to be a particular
way. The result is that we’re frustrated. We feel a sense of dis-ease.

There’s a Zen notion that the mind should be like a pond that reflects the image of the moon. The pond doesn’t actually contain the moon, it just reflects it.

Can you imagine if your mind reflected back reality as it was, as opposed to making so many judgments on it?

course, we make judgments on everything. Criticizing, stating our
opinion, asserting our viewpoint makes us feel like we’re important:
“Yes, I’m here! I exist!”

How about if we took a moment not to do that? What if we allowed our minds to be at ease for once?

about whatever is in your mind that isn’t comfortable. You can’t decide
to un-notice it, right? But perhaps you can work to become more at ease
with it?

This week’s spiritual-religious advice: ease your suffering, stop judging.


With love,

Rabbi Brian

Rabbi Brian

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