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From Larry Keene 26/40

Showing Forgiveness

Simple Prayers

Oh Lord, it is a wonderful feeling to feel forgiven by people we have wronged. There is no lower low in all of life than to have done something terribly wrong to another person and to feel as if that wrong will never be forgiven.

We have all had that soul-numbing experience, Lord. We have walked around with a leaden heaviness in our heart wishing we could live a previous foolish moment all over again and prevent a terrible wrong we had done from ever having occurred.

How strong our need for forgiveness is, O God.

And when this forgiveness comes to us it is like a re-birth. A resurrection. A reviving of our soul at the very door of death itself.

Thank you, dear Lord, for placing in my pathway forgiving individuals. People who have the kindness to absorb my painful treatment with grace and who gave me my life back again by forgiving me. So much like you these wonderful people are. They gave me not what I deserved but what I so badly needed. I am very grateful for what these dear forgiving people are teaching me and grateful, too, for what you have taught them.




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About Larry Keene
What action, if any, do you wan Larry Keene is an ROTB board member, a retired minister, a retired sociology professor, and Rabbi Brian’s best-buddy.

His “simple prayers” have occurred monthly in The 77% Weekly since 2006.

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