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From the desk of Dr. Laurence C. Keene


When I Am Envious
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Dear God, I am aware of the fact that I am never envious of someone who makes less money than I do; has children who are less beautiful or talented than mine are; or who has a worse golf score than I have.

My envy is always directed toward someone who has something I want, but lack.
It seems to me that my envy is really nothing more than covetousness. A form of greed. I want it all. I want what I already have and more. It isn’t just that I lack something, it is that what I lack someone else already possesses and I want it.
It is not clear to me whether I want it because they have it or whether it is because I simply want it. I am not sure I want it so that they will have less or whether I want it so I will have more.
O Lord, my prayer to you is that you will restore in me a feeling of contentment. These envious feelings are robbing me of my contentment. Help me to rid myself of my desires for what others have so I can more fully enjoy the abundance of what I already have. I know for certain the price I am paying for wanting more is not worth the pain I am feeling for wishing for it. Lead me to a satisfaction that would never wish for someone else to possess less just so I could possess a little more.



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