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Your Spiritual-Religious Life.

An expert From Rabbi Brian’s book, How to Find Out What (The) God (Of Your Understanding) Wants from You.

Your Spiritual-Religious Life

is said that we live in four different worlds: the physical, the
emotional, the intellectual, and the spiritual-religious. The first
three are easy to identify. However, most folks get stuck when talking
about the spiritual-religious world. And, they get stuck for good

We can define the spiritual-religious as that which is
not comprised of matter, feeling, or thought. In other words: the
spiritual-religious is not the physical, the emotional, or the
intellectual. But, this definition as the absence or negation of other
things, doesn’t really help.

The spiritual-religious – like
truth, beauty, and love – is very hard to categorize. Moreover and
adding to the difficulty, the spiritual-religious often encompasses
notions of God, the infinite, and that which cannot be defined.

Biblical days, the spiritual-religious was characterized as being “like
the wind” because it can’t be seen, yet its impacts are evident.

I don’t have a perfect definition of the spiritual-religious, I can
tell you that by creating a relationship to your spiritual-religious
life, you will gain a greater sense of connectedness and perspective in
your overall life.

I don’t mean to suggest that people who lack
understanding of their spiritual-religious lives fail to experience
connectedness and perspective. I am suggesting that those of us who are
not the proverbial captains of our own spiritual-religious ships may
experience feelings of connection only sporadically – as hit and miss
feelings – compared to those of us who have developed
“religious-spiritual fitness.”

Think of it this way: physically
fit people are better able to handle physical activities and are
healthier than those who are unfit. Similarly, those who have
spiritual-religious fitness have a greater sense that they are loved by
an unending love – and they have a better understanding of what that

Your spiritual-religious life is like singing. Most of us
can sing, but few of us do it in public. Even fewer do it in public
without embarrassment. I want to encourage you to develop your
spiritual-religious voice so that you can – to use the words of the
Psalms – “sing a new song to God.”

A Healthy Spiritual-Religious Life
with fully developed spiritual-religious lives feel that they are a
part of something rather than apart from everything. They see meaning
in places that others do not. The criticism leveled at them – for
example, of being a dreamer in the face of reality – doesn’t bother
them. They have a sense of hope and of purpose.

Having a
developed spiritual-religious life can bring a greater sense of faith
and surrender. It makes people less frantic and more able to
distinguish between things that can be changed and things that cannot.
Those with a healthy spiritual-religious life, are calmer – believing
and knowing that things work out in the grand scheme of things. This
belief and knowledge stays with them amidst the good and the difficult

People with developed spiritual-religious lives are
better able to accept things that are beyond their control. They have
the courage to change what needs to be transformed in their lives. They
have a deeper perspective of the world. They see a glass of water as
half-full, not half-empty. In fact, they can even see how one’s
attitude can turn a prison into a monastery (or vice versa). Moreover,
their perspective gives them the ability to sit through and move on
from “negative” feelings – as opposed to sublimating them, denying
them, and watching them appear elsewhere.

Those with developed
spiritual-religious lives feel connected to and have a meaningful
relationship with (the) God (of their understanding).

It is my sincere hope that you, as a subscriber to this newsletter
– regardless of your denominational affiliation, past baggage, or
theology – are on your way to maintaining a healthy spiritual-religious

With love,

Rabbi Brian

FYI, if you haven’t as of yet purchased a copy of my book and want to, you can as a paperback, audiobook, or PDF.

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