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From the desk of Dr. Laurence C. Keene

There Ought to be a Law
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Dear Lord, she had been with the company longer than most of the people there. The promotion should have been hers. She had earned it. She was fully qualified for it but the promotion went to someone else. It went to a newcomer to the company. He had become a close friend with the boss. It was the old-boy network at work again. It was so unfair and cruel. 

Oh God, it seems to me there ought to be a law against such unjust and unkind behavior. But maybe we can’t write laws that will require or guarantee moral behavior on our part. Maybe we can only write laws to prevent the expression of immoral behavior. I wish we could sometimes give goodness and morality a helping hand. There ought to be a law.

Would decency look as good to us if it was legislated? Maybe decency wouldn’t appear so attractive to us if decency was the only choice a person could make in life. I know I would like it much better if people were nice to me because they wanted to be nice and not just because they were forced to be. I wish, somehow, that niceness and fairness were so commonplace among us that people would conclude that someone must have passed a law requiring such actions.
However, I suppose if morality didn’t come from our heart’s deep desire, the law would never ever be able to put a pretty face on it.



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