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From the desk of Dr. Laurence C. Keene

Changing Along With Change
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Dear Lord, I was thinking the other day of some things that no longer exist that used to be a part of my everyday life. Glass milk bottles were delivered to my front door. Two-by-four boards actually measured two inches by four inches. There were things I could buy for a penny. A movie ticket would allow me to sit through the movie for the second time. Typewriters.

The list of course, could go on and on.
These were the things that were around me when I was younger. They helped me to order and regulate my everyday life. But these things are gone now, 0 Lord. They have been replaced by other things that are said to be better, more reliable, and efficient. More modem and up-to-date. Progress is certainly an unsettling experience, dear God. Progress is forcing me to find my milk in different places and to carry different amounts of money to pay for it when I finally find it.
Please, 0h God, give me the patience to change graciously with all that is changing around me. Prevent me from boasting too much and too loudly about the things I cherished in my past. Keep me from making too many contemporary comparisons with the way things once were. Help me to understand that thinner boards can still a house make and that one viewing of a movie is probably just as good as seeing it twice, particularly if it is only half as good in the first place.

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