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From the desk of Dr. Laurence C. Keene

Faking it.

Dear God, I spent a great deal of time the other day with a very
cynical person. It had been such a long time since I had been exposed
to such overwhelming negativeness. When my day with him was over I felt
completely drained of my energy and hopefulness. It was as if my inner
light had been turned off and I was left with only my darkness. The
birds had stopped singing for me. No one was whistling a happy tune.
The world seemed tilted to one side and I was tilted along with it. How
cruel life must have been to this person to have led him to look at
life in such a mean-spirited way. What made that dark experience so
terrible for me was that his attitude not only robbed the light and
music from his own soul but it robbed some of the light and music from
mine as well. It was so sad that his joyous spirit had been silenced.
But it was just as sad that he had succeeded in silencing, for the
moment, the chorus of joy in me at the same time. A couple of days have
passed since then, O Lord, and the light inside me has come on again.
The birds are singing=2 0once more. My hope is up and running again and
I am whistling a happier tune. It was a good reminder to me, O God, of
just how terrible the darkness can be and how easy it can be to get
lost in it. Thank you for providing that wonderful life-giving light
again for me. Thank you, too, for the birds and their sweet music.



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