Mourning. Memories. Blessings.

Mourning. Memories. Blessings. Aaron Panken was the rabbi at my home synagogue when I graduated from Tufts University. He jumped me through the hoops necessary to get into rabbinical school.  He died. Suddenly, in a plane crash. I am shaken, thrown off. Confused. When...

Mourning – Rb’s thoughts

Rabbi Brian on Mourning What follows is a collection of the advice that I often give to people when they are facing a loss. Take what you like and leave the rest. I hope you find comfort. ūüíôrB ¬† ¬† SCREAM! cry. Wail. Weep. Be sad. Very sad. Your darling has been taken...

Mourning – Zen

This is an article about loss that was written by¬†Frank Ostaseski, the founder of¬†Zen Hospice Project¬†in San Francisco. Loss Loss is the first period of grief, and it’s visceral. It’s like being punched in the belly. It takes your breath away. Even when...

(5.40) Mourning Tips

The 77% Weekly The 40/52-weeks-a-year, quick-reading, thought-lingering, spiritual-religious newsletter. Religion-Outside-The-Box ( is a donation supported not-for-profit empowering adults to find and be with (the) God (of their understanding).   5/40 From...





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