Be There Now


Be there now.


Do not accept reality as it is.

Life can be better than this.

You could be more content, more comfortable, and have better thoughts.

You could have more.

You could appreciate life more.

You could breathe better, love more, and be more.

You could be better off than you are right this moment.

Realize this.

Realize your insufficiencies.

Realize your lacks. 

The problems in your life could be smaller if you were only a better version of yourself.

If only you experienced more love.

If only you had loved more.

If only you had followed that hunch you foolhardily ignored.

If only you hadn’t done those regretful things

If only you had been a little more careful in this and a little more reckless in that.

That you cannot change the past should cause you regrets.


Or, possibly…

Possibly you are exactly where you are, as you are, and this is exactly as things ought to be. That reality and perfection are synonymous.


It would be better to not accept the world as it is.

Focus on what could be and should be improved.

Judge reality against standards of what you think and know in your heart it could be.

Think about how you could be happier if you were somewhere else, or someone else. Focus on how you could be better off.

Whatever you do: do not be present to yourself here and now.

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