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Freedom (from false boundaries)

(This is article 2 out of 5 on the topic of freedom.)


Traditionally both Judaism and Christianity have done ‘countdowns’ to Passover and Easter. Today I want to explain a bit about Passover.     


Passover is all about your freedom.  

While what is most famous about passover is eating matzah in lieu of bread, Passover is not about how we eat the carbohydrates or avoid leaven products.


Note: restricting foods can be a wonderful path for realizing your freedom.


And, Passover is not really about the ancient Israelites leaving their constrictions.  


Note: re-telling that story can be a powerful experience.   


Passover is about us in the here and now – it is about our being, reclaiming, and realizing our own freedom.  


At every festive Passover meal the following sentence is recited, yet so few understand it: we are not here because of what God did for our ancestors, it is because of what God has done for me.  


The Biblical story of freedom – the story of Exodus – is retold, but only as the backdrop for each of us to understand that we, we are the ones whom God – howsoever you want to understand this word – has set free.

Rabbi Brian

Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer is the founder of Religion-Outside-The-Box.

Shortly after he was ordained as a rabbi, he left mainstream congregational life to encourage people to find and be with (the) God (of their understanding) through podcasts, books, tweets, and internet-based seminars.  

His day job is teaching advanced mathematics to Los Angeleno High School students. The rest of the time is with his family. 

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Please don’t get too hung-up by the word “God.” It need mean nothing more or less than you want it to.   The important thing here is to understand that YOU are free!  (Please, if you want, join me this Saturday from where ever you are for a semi-virtual teleseminar to explore this word “God.”)


God has freed you.   

And, God has freed me.


How wonderful that is.

How truly wonderful.


Spiritual-religious advice: if the word God is throwing you off, ponder that. Otherwise, think about your freedom.

With love,

Rabbi Brian

Rabbi Brian 

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