My Fun Theology Workbook:

A guide to finding out what (the) God (of your understanding) wants from you.

A fun, theology workbook.
Written by Rabbi Brian.

This book will not give you answers but help you find answers of your own.

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You know a lot about a lot of stuff.

You are pretty darn smart.

And, yet.

And yet you might use a little hand-holding and a little help sussing out your theology.

This book is here to help.

It got me thinking about God in new ways and in very personal ways. It challenged me and moved me to reflect in ways I haven’t before. For all that thanks!

Rabbi Donald G.

I’ve finished your book. I’ve done every single exercise and it was fantastic. I feel like I really have gained a totally new perspective on God and religion. But now comes the most important part – practicing! I was even able to do some presents prayers which I used to have problems with. Thomas H.

Rabbi Brian has written what may seem to some an oxymoron: a FUN theology book. This practical guide to being found by God is fanciful, adventurous and serious, all at the same time – like God. I highly recommend it to anyone who is ready to give God another try.

-Bishop Gene Robinson

This book is about how we can form a relationship with the Awesome One is just like its author, Rabbi Brian: provocative, creative, and engaging. All the right questions are provided, and we are invited to come to out own conclusion with regard to the expectations that God has of us. I heartily recommend the journey this reader-friendly guide offers. 

Rabbi Robert N. Levine, DD.

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