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Recent conversations with friends.

02 John Pavlovitz – the pastor of the resistance

Donuts and the terrible problem of unlearning what you knew. John and Brian exchange ideas of not obeying all the laws in the Bible as written. Cause, modernity. John is “the pastor of the resistance.” He became a “name” after getting fired from the church at which he...

03 – Rev. Peter Boulatta – Multiple authors of the Bible and horrible translations

Multiple authors of the Bible and horrible translations. A roller coaster ride of learning about the Bible from two guys who seem to know a lot about it. My friend Lori told me that I had to interview Peter. It was one of those recommendations that felt like being...

04 – Rev. Lee Ann Bryce – Abortion legitimatized in scripture

Abortion legitimatized in scripture! How to interpret what you know. How to love the Bible even when people are hating on you for it – take the high road. I don’t think I would have the stomach to be a gay, female liberal preacher in Fort Worth Texas. But, Lee Ann...

05 Toni Anne Reynolds – Books that aren’t in the Bible but are Biblical books

Books that aren’t in the Bible but are Biblical books. The story of the good Samaritan is probably one you know, and you know it wrong. And, others. Misinformation gets schooled. I met Toni at the Embrace festival in Portland, Oregon and just loved her presentation on...

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Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture—with God  rB:“God, I have some thoughts I need to work out. You mind me using the artifice of an imagined conversation with you?”  God:“Fair enough. Glad to help. Go ahead.”  rB:“OK, so last night, I’m watching Family Guy with Emmett, and...

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True Miracles

True Miracles

True Miracles “So whatever is bringing you from Los Angeles to Lynchburg,” asks the woman with the slight southern drawl next to me on the route from Dallas. “This airplane,” I tease and quickly follow up, “but seriously, a mentor of mine invited me to perform as part...

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