Rabbi Brian interviewed by Snarky Faith Radio Podcast


Rabbi Brian interviewed on Snarky Faith Radio Podcast.

Podcast Notes

Rabbi Brian Mayer is a beautiful anomaly. He helps people feel comfortable enough to question religion, and seek out their understanding through mindfulness, research, and his own heartfelt stories. He’s the founder of Religion outside the Box – a digital congregation reaching out to people regardless of religious background or affiliation. He also runs the popular ‘The 77% Weekly Newsletter.’

Today, Rabbi Brian joins us to talk about looking for God outside of organized religion. His journey as rabbi led him out of the institution and into being a high school math teacher and beyond.

Join us as we talk about the evolution of faith, outgrowing places, seeking new spaces, and the God of your understanding. It’s fun and raw talk with two ministers of different faiths that somehow see the world through very similar eyes.

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