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The Saturday Service January 30, 2021

Podcast Notes

Saturday service with rB and Toni Anne! Try a little Tenderness. – Otis Redding

Quote: True friends celebrate your successes.

00:00​ – 05:49​ – Greetings and rB story about magic camp. Introducing Toni Anne to do a part of the service today and then work her way up to a full service (does that sound right?).

05:50​ – 20:00​ – God created the world in 6 days and took a day off (in the Bible). How do we define ‘rest’? A break from have to dos? 25 hrs for self and God? Do fun. Do what we want. Do something with meaning. Disconnect in order to connect. “I use the sabbath as a day to actively rest from listening to my own ego.”

39 types of work (from The Torah):…​

Take a break from (this) to do (that).

20:01​ – 32:14​ – deliberate frustration moment! (Like the circles we were trying to do the Saturday before). Make 9 dots in a square format (Tic tac toe). In a unilinear way (but no curves to the line), can you connect all 9 dots in 5 pen strokes (or less)? 4 lines? – have to go outside the box (one spot beyond) to perform this task. Foundation of ROTB.
ROTB: What do we do when things frustrate us? Either stay frustrated or learn something about myself from the situation?
Krishnamurti quotes: “Truth is a pathless land.” “Do you want to know my secret? I don’t mind what happens.” –

Choose how frustrated we get when things don’t go our way.

Krishnamurti Podcast…​

32:15​ – 43:13​ – Talking about frustration via learning. What is something we can’t do well following a 1-5 path.

1 – Beginner
2 – Told step by step how to do it
3 – Perform task via hints by outside influences
4 – Hint yourself
5 – Don’t have to think about it

Frustration: most people are probably at #2. Active learners will try to follow the progression to 3, 4, 5. However, whenever you’re stressed, you may fall back a level. BE KIND TO YO’SELF! Practice practice practice (and then maybe you can make it to Carnegie Hall (my sad joke du jour)).

What is the right balm or salve for frustration? What soothes you when you get frustrated? Self care? Breathing? Distraction?

When we let go, we feel better.

What if one day a week, we let go of a little bit more until we can let go well (5)?

43:14​ – 51:10​ – Testimonials: Has anyone witnessed some loving kindness? Take out your phone and send a message to someone you don’t talk to a lot to say you miss them and you are thinking about them.

Send your physical address to Alex via DM and she’ll get rB to send you a Loving Kindness sticker.

51:11​ – 54:33​ – Quotheth rB: “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.” – Thomas Paine. No need to be mean or talk shit about them.

54:34​ – 56:00​ – Take home? Be kinder to others as well as yourself.

56:01​ – 59:15​ – Announcements


Meditation is Magic…​


James’ address: James Wilson #AU​-5200
High Desert State Prison / A3-243
PO Box 3030
Susanville CA 96127

Notecards from James and others who are incarcerated – 5 free with any purchase

Tuesday group — same link, in three hours, but Monday.
Contact Alex for information about all other days.

After the service
New comers always welcome

Every weekday 2pm PST​



True friends celebrate your successes.

Krishnamurti: “Truth is a pathless land.”

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