People who have helped me with my life, my resume, my graphics, my meditation practice, my music, and more…


Meditation instruction

Sometime in 2000, while living in Los Angeles, I met Jason, the founder of The Skillful Meditation Project. Jason helped me to UNLEARN the baggage that I had about “how I was supposed to be meditating.” Then, he replaced my not-knowing with compassion and acceptance. I vividly remember him encouraging me to lay down, sit comfortable, and try whatever felt right. His definition of meditation is simple, yet profound: “meditation is that which happens when you meditate.” His guidance has greatly blessed my practice and life. If you want to learn (or unlearn) meditation, connect with him.



Designer and Illustrator

Ashley Turner


Rabbi Brian: an Introduction to Religion Outside The Box

The introduction video to ROTB, is fabulous. The reason, Ashley. She did that.

Seriously. This gal’s got mad skills.


Below are some more words about her that she wrote:


Living and designing out of Portland, ORE, Ashley Turner is a dedicated team player who likes using her hands to craft things out of various materials. She really loves cut paper, doodles and things that have a slight childish nature to them while still being thoughtful and well designed. Designs that have somewhat of a dark tone to them, but are still visually pleasing, or even cute, appeal to Ashley because she thinks it offers an interesting conflict of emotion. Some of Ashley’s specialties include (but are not limited to): Logo Design, Branding, Illustration, Hand Drawn Typography, Animation and Front-end Web Development & Design. Find out more at ashleyturner.me




Jane Beuth Mayer, LCSW


This is my bride. Let me let her tell you in her own words:

I provide psychotherapy to adults and older teens here in Portland, with a specialization in growth, transition, grief, loss and parenting. I help my clients find emotional healing, psychological growth, and spiritual exploration while taking practical action in their lives. I help people grow who want to grow in their understanding of themselves and others, in how they experience and work with their feelings, and in helping them recognize their choices. My work includes coaching for parents who are trying to raise emotionally connected, intelligent kids who also have a sense of responsibility: to themselves, their families, friends, and communities. My style is collaborative, comfortable, and honest.


Buzz-Worthy Resumes

Mary Bates


When I wanted to get a job teaching math in schools, and I knew that the “rabbi” title was going to be a potential stumbling block for people reading my resume, I turned to Mary. She knocked my resume out of the park. If you want your to stand out from the crowd, hire Mary.

I work one-on-one with you to define your unique Personal Brand and develop high-quality Résumés, Networking Résumés, Cover Letter Suites (general use, recruiters, and advertisement response), Executive Biographies, LinkedIn Profiles, Post-Interview Thank You Notes, Letters of Intent, and Professional References for a comprehensive professional marketing package.



Hand-drawn Art
Marichiel Boudwin
In A Nutshell Studio
You like the look of ROTB. I know you do. And, the reason you do is because for years Mar has been able to take my vision and make it a reality.

She is an entrepreneur, illustrator, and owner of In A Nutshell Studio. In addition to illustrations, In A Nutshell helps businesses get to the core of what they’re about.

Marichel focuses on hand-drawn typography and drawing objects made exclusively out of letters and words. Her work includes sketchnotes, book illustrations, presentations, and animation.





James Comb

Great Willow

If you have listened to my recent podcasts or watched Shameless, True Blood, Six Feet Under, Dexter, Entourage, Men of a Certain Age, or Gossip Girl, you have heard the music of James Combs. This talented musician/composer/songwriter lives in Los Angeles and his albums have been reviewed kindly far and wide from the LA Weekly to The UK Guardian. He also has written commercial scores for Subaru, Glasses.com, KCRW and more.

(I can’t believe he let’s me use his music as my background music on my podcasts!)

James has a new band called Great Willow. This is what he says:

We draw some inspiration from the deep well that is the Laurel Canyon/California Country music scene – especially classic work from Gene Clark and Gram Parsons – in that our songs have a country flavor and are all about harmony singing. But they’re highly personal songs – chronicling how we first moved to LA, what it feels like to roll into this big, dirty, beautiful city and try to make a life for yourself after everything has fallen apart at the last stop. We are recording our debut with our friend/bandmate John Would at his studio in Echo Park (you may know John from his work with Fiona Apple and Iggy Pop) and it’s sounding amazing.



Heart of Business

Mark Silver


It might have been in 2000 that someone turned me on to this soul-full, compassionate business teacher. Since, I have been reading his e-newsletter messages, listening in on his audio classes, and taken his seminars. If you are looking for some help with your business feeling “right” with your heart, turn towards this holy man.

This is what he wrote about himself,

Since 2001 Mark Silver, M.Div., and the team at Heart of Business have been helping heart-centered business owners who want to make a difference and need to make a profit. They recognize that the economy and business culture is not healthy or life-affirming, in fact it’s deeply dysfunctional, and even so have taught thousands of people how every act of business can be an act of live. Mark is a designated master teacher in his Sufi spiritual lineage as well as a fourth-generation entrepreneur, and he loves helping people integrate the nitty-gritty of business with nourishing and accessible spiritual teachings.

There’s a deeply nourishing and practical weekly newsletter and free Getting to the Core of Your Business workbook.




3 Questions Consulting

Bruce Hazen


Bruce is one of the dearest and most insightful people that I ever met. I have called upon him when I have a question that has me stymied. He is a life and business coach. And, I’m glad I can call him a friend.

Here is his spiel:

Author Bruce Blackstone Hazen, Answering The Three Career Questions, is a career and management coach that has guided leaders and their followers to personally tailored answers for The Three Career Questions for over 18 years. His mission is clear – reduce your suffering at work, increase career satisfaction, give you a bigger theory of the game and prevent you from spending your whole career finding-one-job-in-a-row. He is prepared by professional experience in diverse previous roles in wildly discrepant industries and a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology. Guess what the three questions might be and then go here to see what they actually are.


Dale Head

Dale Pepin  

I’m a retired educator who devotes his time to storytelling (www.storysocks.com) and to community theatre.
I’m a church musician who loves working with others in the church family to praise God through musical offerings.  I’m also a religion major who enjoys discussions, sharing scriptural teachings with others.
I guess I’m a person who thinks carefully about getting involved but when I make up my mind I jump in with both feet and an open mind.  I love getting involved in community things and helping others.
I have little tolerance for shallow people and trust that I’ll never be perceived as one.  Whatever I can give back, I will share.



Joan (Apigian) Kemp

On a mission to relish in in the glimmers of light that twinkle through the darkness.
As retired junior senior I chose to etch out a new life after the sudden death of my strong and vibrant husband. After several years of slogging through the grief journey, I have learned that one can carve out a new life while keeping the old life cherished in one’s heart.My work is to help my friends, family, and the ladies I mentor in an outreach group, to understand that life is about change, to put out positive energy to the universe, and to enjoy the synchronicities of life.I live and work in a “God is alive, magic is afoot” (Leonard Cohen) sort of way and can help you learn how to take baby steps towards travelling to a life of renewed hope.My personal goals are to become stronger in mind and spirit. My goal within my community of friends and family is to teach by example the notion that diversity of religions, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation is a beautiful gift for all to appreciate. I believe opening one’s mind to all humanity helps with the healing journey.


blankprofileDr David Shirazi DDS MS MA LAc RPSGT 

We offer a non-surgical treatment for chronic head, face and neck pain including tension type and migraine headaches, as well as snoring and sleep apnea, with or without the need for CPAP.  We are the only facility that we know of that offers all that we do in house, which helps us to achieve our high success rates.  We get our joy from helping you out!


blankprofilePiano Teacher
Betsy Weston

betsyweston@juno.com or
My mission is to spread love for music in the world. I teach piano to all ages on the beginner to intermediate levels. My training is mostly in the Suzuki Method, though I am flexible. I believe that anyone can learn to play well if nurtured with loving care, respect, and encouragement. My location is in Southwest Portland.


Unknown-1Jeff Capen
Principal Broker and Certified Negotiation Expert

Principal Broker of a residential and investment real estate agency in Portland, OR.
Jeff brings more than 24 years of business practice, negotiation, and marketing experience to his investment and residential real estate clients, and was first licensed back in 1995.  He now runs Dennison Capen Group Realty which is a team of top performing agents.  The success of his referral-based business depends on the value Dennison Capen Group Realty offers before, during and after a transaction.  We welcome the opportunity to guide you, your friends and your family with anything real estate related.

Rabbi Brian note: I personally know Jeff. I love him. He is a mensch, an absolute mensch.


Eric Nagler

I produce workshops in Ontario, Canada for the Human Awareness Institute.
I’m dedicated to letting go of judgment, blame and shame. I’m finding that what settles into those empty places is love. I stand for substituting ignorance and fear with awareness and love.
The workshops I help with aim to create a world where everyone wins.



Managing Director

Todd Resnick  


 (very soon to be thevoiceco.com)

 I do voice over for all types of products.

Not just voice over in English, but my company does 70 languages.
I help companies sell products and transmit their message globally.
I’m a stand for solid communication. Your message, our voice.


Screen shot 2015-03-16 at 2.35.03 PM Falco Freeman


I am an inventor, artist and designer innovating in the following fields: audio, green energy, and mechanical systems. My life experiences and family history have grounded me in these areas. There are many entrepreneurs within my family who have engineering backgrounds and who are committed to sustainability.
I have also been very committed to my daughters’ school community and our neighborhood. I have volunteered countless hours at their school building benches, providing organic pears from our farm, fundraising, and more. I have been on a city advisory board that helped to design an “art park” in our neighborhood as well.
I am largely self-taught and have learned a great deal from my uncles and aunts here in Oregon during the last 25 years.


PamPam with pink boa Christmas 2006 or 2007

I am a little old, Irish, Canadian, lady who was introduced to Rabbi B via email from a friend.
His openness and honesty have influenced me greatly over the last 5-6 years. He finds time to be my friend, via email.  All I can offer him is my 70 years of experience.  I’ve done it all…..abusive, alcoholic childhood, married, divorced, ex-nun, poet, motorcycle mama and abuse victim and been to Africa twice on missionary trips….not in that order.  I also belong to a Buddhist meditation group.  I have had a number of serious surgeries including a Titanium rod in my neck, a “Chip” in my throat (left vocal chord doesn’t work!) and a shunt in my brain.  I call myself the Bionic Old Lady!
With God’s help and beautiful friends and family, I have survived.
I have kept my sense of humour and love life. I am a Catholic.  I love my religion….for me….and don’t impose it on others.  I believe all faiths should have one purpose…..to know God.  Without that ultimate goal, they are a waste of time. I am old school…..I believe in truth, kindness and love.  Rabbi B has helped me love myself, which hasn’t always been easy. I make personalized rosaries, one of which I made for Rabbi B that he has displayed in his classroom !!  I taught women in Africa how to make them too and they are teaching students now which really touches my heart.
How do I help?????  God only knows!!  I do pray a lot!!!  But Rabbi B has touched my heart. And although we have never met, he has become a beautiful part of my life and I treasure his friendship. I love to drive and have had many trips alone to North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, Louisiana and Arizona. Portland, Oregon is on my bucket list….because I want to meet the Rabbi personally before I take that final trip!
I just had my hair coloured…..green….for St. Patty’s Day, of course! Will send separately as I don’t know how to download phone into computer….yet!!


 blankprofileMollie Pier

 Project Chicken Soup.org

I was raised in a  typical New York Jewish family – parents, 2 sisters,  2 Grandparents, aunts uncles, etc.. but have moved to a more secular life as my adult circumstances dictated.  While I still carry remnants pf my Jewish upbringing, my relationship with God doesn’t resemble the worship of one as written.  Mine is more personal in that I have developed an intimacy and trust in some indescribable entity which brings me comfort in times I have suffered almost unbearable adversity which I’ve been able to sustain and live with by helping others to overcome theirs with my words, comfort, and hands-on actions.
I have been involved with infinite support of the Gay Community everywhere, have helped immigrant citizens achieve citizenship and status in the U.S.,supported many other causes to the best of my ability.
One of my outstanding activities has been the establishment and on-going actions of Project Chicken Soup whereby volunteers cook and deliver nutritious, health advancing food to people with HIV/AIDS Cancer, Diabetes and other health threatening illnesses.
I’ve also been actively involved in enhancing the lives of Senior Citizens and now at age 94, living in a complex myself composed of the same, still am.  I’ve been publicly acknowledged by the L.A. Times, The Jewish Journal,  Poz Publications, the L.A. City Council, and more.
I now reap the rewards through the generous assistance of those who have achieved much through my love and acknowledgement in the past. My own  2 surviving sons live at long distances away by virtue of their significant careers, but the support of all the other amazing friendships feel secure about my safety and loving care from many.



Your Personal I.T. Concierge
Robert Bacon

I work at Go Ask Robert.com. I help people navigate the ins and outs of Personal Computer ownership.  I help protect them with Backup Solutions and Anti-Virus software. All this can be done through a secure Internet connection. It’s like I am sitting right next to you. Just like cars, PC’s need tune ups every once in a while. That’s where I come in.
My goal is to help protect you from the attacks out there in the computer world.  With my solutions, your data is safe and recoverable. If you need computer help, don’t worry -“Go Ask Robert dot Com!”


Pierce Delahunt - Headshot[2]Pierce Delahunt

Pierce Delahunt lives in New York City, where he works in education. With his grad school, the Institute for Humane Education, he is founding the first Solutionary School, a K-12 school based on addressing world issues. During the summers, he staffs with Youth Empowered Action, a summer camp that trains campers in advocating for the causes they believe in. His passions are social-emotional learning, working toward systemic social change, and love, both expressing and receiving. He also really appreciates gratitude and you: pdelahunt@ssnyc.org


 Unknown 11.27.37 AMMarilyn Sands

I have always LOVED working on my pieces, and then presenting them to family, friends, student recitals, elementary, junior high school and college talent showcases, private concerts, etc.  I have also taught many people to play piano (all ages), and most of them still play and enjoy it. Everywhere, we go, I play for people, and give out my cd’s to all ages…for pure enjoyment and sanity in life!…Also, I am now on You Tube, pianistmarilynsands    you can see me and hear my beautiful pianos and music…ENJOY!.. Love, Marilyn


Unknown-1 11.27.35 AMEli Lipmen

In government and politics, non-profit and for-profit, Eli Lipmen develops and executes strategies aimed at changing the world and engaging people. He has worked on major political campaigns, for major local and international nonprofits, and as an elected and appointed official. He is an expert in new media, marketing, and digital strategy as well as government affairs. While he has lived in four countries, he currently calls Los Angeles home where he resides with his wife (Rabbi Brian officiated at their wedding) and daughter (and soon to be born son).


UnknownSusan Cornner

Happiest Time of My Life.
At 74, I am mostly playing—cello, book clubs, church, great friends, loving husband, gardening, kids and grandkids, and on and on. For 35 years I taught college writing and journalism, but now I am at play. I am very busy but my life feels light. All is good.
My path is spiritual, to grow in my relationship with God. No heavy doctrine. I seek to reflect God’s nature–His acceptance, compassion and love– in my own life.


UnknownTom Frieberg

I help build generous, life-giving communities through adult education and formation, service coordination and volunteer management, and non-profit leadership.  I’ve served teams in higher education, religious organizations, hospice and end-of-life care, high school theology, and full-time volunteer/missionary programs.  I love the challenges (and the rewards!) that result from efforts to integrate faith with works of charity, community-building and social justice.
My mission is threefold–  notice the holy, act with compassion, and help others to grow in wisdom and love —  and I take particular inspiration from the prophet Jeremiah’s words: “Stand at the crossroads and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way lies. And walk in it, and find rest for your souls.”
I help people discover new opportunities to go beyond themselves in service to others, then renew themselves through reflection, conversation, study, and prayer. Together we can discover God’s spirit at work in our work, at play in our play and at home in our hearts.



DSCN0583Marcel Nimni

I consider myself a mad scientist.
On the faculty at USC for over 50 years, professor in the medical school.
After my wife Fabiola, a pediatrician passed away following a 6-year battle with pancreatic cancer, I shifted my research from orthopedics to cancer. I am trying to find a way of guiding drugs to the tumor site, so they destroy the tumor and not the patient. Close to some success.
Have endowed a lab in her memory, and work with a great research team.
I feel happy after a  year of sadness. I now have a great companion, Barbara, and that some genius scientists joined our group.  Hope to be blessed with the opportunity to help people with currently incurable cancers. I am at all times asking Hashem for help. I feel he is listening to me. How can I be happier?


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