Rabbi Brian on Mourning   What follows is a collection of the advice that I often give to people when they are facing a loss. These are my “go-to’s.” Take what you like and leave the rest. I hope you find comfort. -rB   Permission   There is no one correct way to mourn. Really. […]

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Wisdom Biscuit

What’s in a name? I loved the title WISDOM BISCUIT. It fit what I was thought I was doing… giving people something: good for you tasty satisfying Jane never liked the name. She was right. It’s cute and ditracts from the importance of the message. So, I’m retiring WISDOM BISCUIT – and keeping Religion Outside The

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Anatomy of a soul

Soul Recently a neighbor came up to me and said,:  “A Jewish friend told me Judaism doesn’t believe in a soul and that when you are dead you are dead. Can you help?” I thought I would share my answer.   The first 3/4 of this article is a bit academic. The last section is

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Have hope anyhow.

  Humanity Our world seems mad, frightening. Out of alignment. Brexit, windmill cancer, Mueller, global warming, and more.   I get really scared. I'm sure you do too.   You'd have to be especially disconnected to not feel the fear.   And, there's something we can do about it.     Hope OK, ok, ok, I kind of want

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Bonus: Scarred by life

The 77% Weekly The 40/52-weeks-a-year, quick-reading, thought-lingering, spiritual-religious newsletter. Religion-Outside-The-Box (oldrotb.wpengine.com) is a donation supported not-for-profit empowering adults to find and be with (the) God (of their understanding).   BONUS ISSUE… From the desk of Rabbi Brian Unidirectional living I haven’t written a full article on this topic, but what follows is such an awesome idea

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