Freedom (4.1/5)

Greetings! Usually, I send out the “take-a-moment” off e-mail on the last Monday of the month.  However, as I wanted to send a five-part series about freedom before Passover/Easter, I had to deviate from my usual pattern. -Rb The 77% Weekly The 40/52 weeks-a-year, spiritual-religious newsletter  11/40 From Rabbi Brian Freedom (on the inside)  

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(7.40) Prayer

The 77% Weekly The 40/52-weeks-a-year, quick-reading, thought-lingering, spiritual-religious newsletter. Religion-Outside-The-Box (oldrotb.wpengine.com) is a donation supported not-for-profit empowering adults to find and be with (the) God (of their understanding).   7/40 From the desk of Rabbi Brian Prayer Prayer is the assumed, proper means for contacting and receiving messages from (the) God (of your understanding). Accordingly, prayer

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