In the air. Fear.

The 77% Weekly Newsletter SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT DELIVERED FRESH TO YOUR INBOX 40/52 WEEKS A YEAR. FREE.       Part One: It's real   The smell of fear In 2008, research scientists at Stony Brook University attached moisture absorbing pads to two different sets of participants to collect their sweat. Treadmill joggers First time skydivers […]

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Fear. It’s ok.

Fear. (It’s ok to fear.) | by Rabbi Brian | 2017 | issue 28 of 40 The 77% Weekly Nourishing Spiritual-Religious Hunger  40/52 weeks a year I thank you for reading. If you know of someone who might like this, please share. Not a subscriber yet? Sign up for free! oldrotb.wpengine.com/archives – ?rB     Fear. (It’s ok to fear.)

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Scared. No, not scared. No, ok, actually scared and a bit ok too.

I had scheduled to send a regular issue of The 77% Weekly. I had an articled called “Best For Free.” It is a knock-out article with great spiritual advice. I couldn’t schedule a regular article for this Monday morning. Not with what Tuesday means. To send the “regularly scheduled spiritual newsletter” would be to ignore

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Freedom (4.1/5)

Greetings! Usually, I send out the “take-a-moment” off e-mail on the last Monday of the month.  However, as I wanted to send a five-part series about freedom before Passover/Easter, I had to deviate from my usual pattern. -Rb The 77% Weekly The 40/52 weeks-a-year, spiritual-religious newsletter  11/40 From Rabbi Brian Freedom (on the inside)  

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36.40 Afraid & Fear

The 77% Weekly The 40/52-weeks-a-year, quick-reading, thought-lingering, spiritual-religious newsletter. Religion-Outside-The-Box (oldrotb.wpengine.com) is a donation supported not-for-profit empowering adults to find and be with (the) God (of their understanding).   36/40 From the desk of Rabbi Brian   Here’s a wonderful Chassidic quote: I am afraid of things that cannot harm me, and I know it. I

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