November 1, 2021

What To Expect

Dr. Robert Farrar stands at the front of the corner-windowed third-floor classroom. We are waiting for the official class time. Only then will he begin today’s talk about educational history. I look out the window at my 2003 Honda Odyssey parked a few car lengths up, off of Ventura boulevard. I’m spending a fortune to …

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Real Magic

  I flew from Los Angeles to New York to attend my friend Arthur’s rabbinic ordination.   “His seminary isn’t legitimate,” I hear from some colleagues. “You shouldn’t go,” I’m told.   I suspect, and time will prove this to be true, I will lose some rabbi friends because I choose to attend the ordination …

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Believed In

  “Do you see these?” I ask, pointing to the dozens of packing slips I have taped to the wall next to the fire escape of my classroom in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, California. I continue. “Do you realize what these mean? Each and every one of these papers means that a random stranger believes …

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