Chats with Larry Episode 5

On today’s RABBI BRIAN’S CHATS WITH LARRY Why we do things we know aren’t good for us The seven deadly sins (particularly sloth) Busyness, The word Serendipity, The word Glossolalia, The word Reify How God reveals godself to us Science and Religion There’s gold in the opposites

Saturday Service February 2021_2

Podcast: The Saturday Service February 13, 2021 Podcast Notes The Saturday Service —08:00​-0:8:10​ Reports from the committee dedicated to watching the mud settle.08:10​-08:20​ Edutitarg, Backward ways of doing gratitude.08:20​-08:30​ “No one heals themselves by hurting another.” – St. Ambrose08:30​-08:40​ Treat yourself as kindly as you would treat an 11-year-old08:40​-08:50​ Review 08:50​-09:00​ Transition to donut hour …

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